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LED Bulb Questions?


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I currently just installed four led bulbs for the turn signals/brake light set up in my truck. The turn signal start out fine but then start clicking really fast. I wondering what was wrong then firgured out that i might need a load resistor or a new led compatable flasher.


My questions is which one do i need i rather do the flasher if possible. Also will it hurt it to leave it alone? If a flasher is possible were is it located i dont think this newer truck has one like they are showing. Should i just switch it back to the old bulbs and leave the other led in?


Thanks :pc:

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Won't harm it and the flasher is the best bet... It'll slow them down. soldering in resistors stinks... I've done it on my bikes.


Yeah the resistor i was looking at you use splices which is a crappy way to do things. Along with that you need one for each bulb.

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