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Focus Pads Are



Great! I can not believe how useful a tool these are. I used them for the first time on my brothers car and the pretty severe scratches just disappeared like magic. Slapped it on my variable speed cord drill hit it with DS and a squirt of SHR followed by the FMP and white pad and in seconds the scratch was gone. And for those hard to reach areas on bumpers and fascias, it's the ticket! Couple squirts of APC and a good rinse and they are ready for the next assignment. One of those things you don't think you have to have and after using it, becomes a gotta have.:D


If I can use these pads without damaging paint, it's a no brainer for most of you. I really went at a couple of the deeper scratches with the SHR and the results were just outstanding. Only one scratch remained on the bumper to which I am now going to try a wet sand. Stay tuned.

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Agreed! I've said that many times... There's not been once that I didn't need them for acid rain, or bird poo spots on the paint. They make correcting SO much easier.



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