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2009 Holden G8GT done in Adams


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Curt nice looking G8! If you figure out what to do with the holes that hold on that Pontiac symbol let me know. I have debadged mine but left that one because of the holes that holds it on. Are these the wheels? Where did you get them and roughly what did they set you back and what size?

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Hey Tom, they were on the car when I bought it. The car had 2,800 miles on it. I like the wheels but I was trying to put a Brembo brake kit up grade on the front and they wont fit I would need to go to a 20" wheel. Just something to consider if that upgrade is in the future.


Tire Rack sells them and when I looked the other day they had them pretty cheap. They have them in 18 & 19" sizes and they are called BR02 kraft I beleive. If you get them make sure you get hub rings for all 4 corners becasue the hub hole is a bit larger than the hub that the stock wheel fits on. I found that out the hard way when trying to get them balanced.


With the dart on the front it you take it off you are left with 3 holes and I saw one guy took a Holden Badge and took his dremmel to it and made a nice fit to cover the holes. I am going to wait until I get the front end repainted and have them take it off and fill the holes or get a GXP bumper.


You can go to the G8 forum that I am on and join that it is GRRRR8.net. Lots of GRRRR8 people and GRRRR8 ideas for our cars.:burnout:


I like the color of your car.

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