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Above and Beyond...



Hey peeps!

Hope all is well for everyone...

Its steamy and hot here, ah, long live summertime USA! - anyway...


I just wanted to say, .... i had a very recent customer service experience with Adam (and of course Ashley), and just when i thought i couldnt love a company any more, bingo.


I'll just say that my experience was amazing and i cannot thank Adam and the team enough. Personal attention, warm and fuzzy... what more could ya ask for. God bless you guys... now please, let me get back to "work" so i can do some more shoppin'!!!!!!!





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it's refreshing and the way it should be! finding Adams was a dream:

1. car lust


3. impeccable service


my pals and i strive to find that. ... few and far between.

THANK YOU ADAM! SEE YOU IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I totally agree! I have never nor do I think I will ever deal with a company that has customer service like adam's. They are definitely top notch and a pleasure to talk to. I have personally dealt with Lynn, Ashley, and Mario. I hope to one day meet Adam at one of his clinics or at a show somewhere. Keep up the good work!


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I've had the pleasure of meeting Adam and Ashley at a clinic..


I am hoping to visit the warehouse in September.. the plan is to visit my sister when my parents go, share the hotel and rental, and also make it out to Boulder.. gotta figure out what to do with Smokey and the Bandit as we have my parents watching them while we are on vacation here in Cali.. I dont really trust anyone in NJ.. maybe my buddy with the dog, but not with the cat as his are territorial..

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