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Me and a buddy partnered up and started our own auto repair shop recently. we had been working fulltime and doing alot of side jobs that generated alot more business, we didnt like our current jobs and figured its time to start our own thing. I was getting into detailing at the time as well so figured mine as well throw in a detail bay and offer that service as well. I love detailing a car for 10hrs, more then wrenching on a car sometimes.


heres a few photos of the shop and detail bay. mind all the wood laying around, photos where from setting up the place. my partners brother in law is a electrician and had a pallet of lights left over so figured hell yeah throw them in. got 8 4ft T12s lighting it up. going to mount lower lights soon.






















buddies mini cooper s track car we rebuilt the motor on then detailed. just wash , clay and MSW.





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Nice digs! You may find that's all the light you need. You could add a couple more fixtures down low, but I don't think you'll need them. I've got 8' dual tubes but my ceiling is 22' so I added a couple of 8' fixtures down low on the walls as I work in a corner and I like how the angle of the lights help to see the defects. I also use the tripod mounted dual head halogens in combination with the flourescents to get things at the right angles to see defects. I'd like to have some low at a 45 angle like you have but it would involve lots 'o chain and a big ladder! Good luck with the new venture.


- Darryl

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