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Brilliant Glaze In The House!!!


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I received my order on Wednesday and even knowing full well that it was going to rain Thursday :mad: I still couldn't help myself. I was very anxious to try this product. :willy:


I washed and waxed my car a few days prior and I wiped it down with some DS before applying the BG.


This stuff I absolutely AMAZING!!! I can not say enough about this product! :bow:


My car isn't exactly flawless it has some minor swirls (which I plan on taking care of very soon :pc:) But the BG made it look like I had spent hours detailing.


Enough of me rambling on to the pics....















You can even see the oil stains in my parking lot!



Went to the industrial park to snap a few pics











Really made the emblems POP!




My favorite pic:




Last but not least.... a mandatory Dylan shot



Note to Adam:



Next time you're in Chicago, you call me up! I owe you dinner!

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Wow you made a Civic look Sexy, something that i thought was impossible:lolsmack:




I'll take it as a compliment



Just out of curiosity with the BG. How long does a coat last? Should I apply it every time I wash the car?


Is it safe to say the rain probably washed most of it away? Or does it hold up better than I think?


Thanks :hi:

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If the BG was the last product applied and then it rained I think it is safe to say it is gone, reapply after washing :thumbsup:


This is one reason most put Americana over it, it makes it last much longer.


Wow! I never even thought of that. I just thought everyone put Americana over it because it looks awesome. Its all makes sense now!


Thank you all for the compliments!

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