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Well drove over 14hrs round trip yesterday from Pa to Nc to pick up my new toy. Its a 2000 trans am with 130k miles on it, but the underneath is cleaner than any car that i looked at up here. There are some lil things, but no rust or even slight chance of rust was a HUGE plus for me. The fact that Tick performance did all the work on it and it was tuned by Alvin at PCM4less was also a major plus, so i know the work was done right on it. Its dirty from the ride up, so im going to do a quick 2 bucket wash on it today then start fixing the little things. Then i will do a huge detail on it. Well here she is


2000 trans am

A4 with 3600 stall w/rebuilt tranny

Pacesetter Ceramic coated LT's

O/R x-pipe into bullet mufflers dumped before the axle (LOUD)

HSW 100 shot w/ all the extra goodies

Slp lid

new plugs and MSD wires

42lb injectors

Did 364rwhp and i cant remember the rwtq, but i will be hitting up the dyno with it myself soon. went 12.4s on street tires so i will be hitting the track thursday with sticky tires to see how it does. Well here are the two quick pics i have for now


Loading it up in Greensboro, NC



Making a quick stop for diesel in VA


I will be getting better pics today

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Awesome Scott! You heading for Cruisin for Courtney tomorrow? I'll be there around 11 - 11:30. Might even do Wolfs tomorrow night. Bring her out and show her off!! :2thumbs:


I might be able to make wolfs, but cant make the cruise for courtney because i have to detail the white diesel i took as a thanks for letting me use it.


Well i did the two bucket wash to it yesterday and the paint is ALOT worse than i thought (not to the naked eye) but doing the baggie test I can see it will need a full paint correction. I will try to get some more pics of it today.

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