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I start on my car......


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And then the young fella next door asked to borrow some car wash. After he was done washing I see a box set of another compnay's products come out.


Curiousity got the better of me (or maybe the salesman in me) and over I went. I saw the hood and KNEW I had to correct it. There was no choice!


I wanted to do the whole car, but his girlfriend was expecting him in two hours and two hours was going to be needed to make the hood presentable, not perfect. Besides, she is a stunning young lady and were I him I wouldn't keep her waiting either!


Clayed the hood, surprisingly clean.






DS to top it off.



As you can see, I did NOT need to use the flash method......





Test section for the SSR






Hood done with SSR




Putting him to work with the SHR




It was after the SHR I realized there was blue metalic flake in the paint.!!



Hood, except sides complete to FMP.





And the end result after BG, Americana and a shot of DS.







No where near perfect! But not bad. It needs at least another shot with the SSR plus some scratches that need attention with the drill.


Maybe 80% there. Was fun to tackle something that shot.

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You said she was a stunning young lady where are the pics for us single guys...:lolsmack:


The hood looks MUCH better :thumbsup:


I do agree....the hood looks MUCH, MUCH better.


Hey now...just because I'm married doesn't mean I'm blind...I like to look at the ladies too.

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