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What is it about the name Adam?


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If you look up the name Adam in the dictionary you will see descriptions such as: AMAZING, GENEROUS, A RARE BREED....


I say this because we have Adam P. here who has provided an amazing product made by amazing individuals here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He provides amazing customer service behind all of his products and he doesn't need to spend any money on advertisement because the best advertisement is OUR word of mouth (and demonstrations)! :)


Well you guys/girls may remember I went to the PA detail clinic and I showed off the calendar my SS was featured as the cover. The Thompson boys mentioned they would not mind having a cool calendar like that for their wall since they only receive "other" calendars (girls). So I gave them my calendar thinking I would go online and order more.


I went to http://www.membercalendars.com and saw they were no longer selling the calendar. I was devostated because I only got 2 calendars. Gave one to my dad and one to the Thompson boys. So, I went on their facebook and made the comment about how awesome these calendars are and that I was hoping they had one or two left over. :xfingers:


I received a response immediately from the owner and he said to email him and he's take care of me. I did so and this morning I woke up with an email from him. He is giving me FOUR calendars for 28.00. That is an amazing price and I am overwhelmed on the generosity. I intended to pay full price but he wouldn't accept anything more than 28.00.


Moral of the story? His name is ADAM!




It's individuals like these fine men who prove there is hope for our fine nation!

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That's it! I'm changing my name to Adam. Noone gushes about the name Jim.:(


Just think though...they can call you Jim' date=' Jimmy, Jimbo, James and probably a few others. :lol:


If you'd like though, I can call you Adam. :D:D[/quote']



Think about names that come from Richard! Rich=good, Rick= good @ick= not so good!:lolsmack:

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