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First time using machine polish


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So a couple weeks ago before fords at carlisle i was able to get my PC from adams and finally tried it out on the mustang. Here are some before and after pics. Probally could have used a little more work in some areas but not bad for a first time learning.





Me in the side of my car very hard to see




After pics






Hopefully this week ill be able to get to try the machine on my 20 year old truck and see how that comes out and will post pics up

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Thanks all was lucky and there was no rain today so took it out to a show and all i got was compliments on the paint all day. Guess it was good cause came home with another trophy but will post pics tommorrow since its cloudy now and cant get that mettalic flake to show till we get some nice sun

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Another cool Mustang! Car looks great and not to be overly hyper-critical here, but if you really want to put this car over the top, next time you do a complete detail, use the SHR first. I noted some swirls in the first "after" photo.


This is why Adam and the Junkman advocate doing a 2x2 test panel first to see what the paint will come up like. Sucks to do a whole car with FMP and realize afterwards some SHR should have been used first. Not to say your whole car needed the SHR either. Looks like the hood could have used it though. But if YOU are happy, that's all that really matters.:2thumbs:

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Yeah i did use SHR on it and i tried it on the hood and i though it looked good but as u can see from the pics the lighting was rough so was hard to tell. Gonna probally try to do the hood again cause that looks like the only problem but that was is probally the worst panel on my car to get clean. But yeah i agree still need to work on that alittle more

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Was it you that said the car looked like the previous owner used sandpaper or steel wool on it? Might even try some SSHR on the hood first. I know the clearcoat on my Mustang is some pretty hard stuff. Might need to beckon the big boy SSHR swirl and haze remover on the hood, of course followed by SHR and FMP. Enjoy!:drool:

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Nah wasnt me i have had the mustang since new. I tried SSHR to cause it came with the kit but the hood is just a pain. I know it still has swrils in it but i did notice at the show yesterday when i took detail spray it was alot easier then pass times. I remember before i could sit there and try to buff out the streak marks out of it but never worked now its easier but probally just need to put more pressure. I know on my car the hood is actually painted alluminum when the rest is sheet metal so maybe since its paint ontop of that its harder to work on idk. The underneath of the hood bubbles up and from what i heard its a probally that basically came from ford so im taking it in soon to get fix.

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Well people asked for some metallic shots so here you go






Was funny was driving the stang yesterday and my mirrors show in the corner of it some of the car along with whats behind me and it let me look into my paint as driving and i could see it reflecting the road and anything on the side of the road which i have never seen before

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