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Hey fellow Adam's users, addicts and lovers! lol


Some of you may remember some previous posts where I was discussing the possibility of getting rid of the Nasty ZO6. I had come to a point where it was just time for a change.


Now, I hope everyone understands as car lovers in general, that sometimes it is just time to move on and go in another direction or just for something new...





Thanks guys! LOL.



Just got up, didn't sleep much last night...still all fired up! Car is still on the trailer. Waiting on some friends to show up to help me unload her.


Then, there is going to be a detail fiasco! Most likely a 2 part detail...as in 2 days!


Car is in excellent shape as advertised. It is brand new. Don't remember the actual mileage but it is just under or a little over 900.


Car has practically everything done to it. The rear suspension is beautiful! Billet upper and lower, adjustable panhard bar, sexy one piece driveshaft, diff cover/girdle, the list goes on and on. (I will post up a complete list later)


On the limited time I drove it before the deal: drives like stock until you mash the pedal, or get to around 3k rpm. Turbos spool up and are LOUD! Let off and the blow off valve is even LOUDER! Love the sound.



This car pulls and pulls and pulls. I dare say, it is even faster than NastyZO6...




Stay tuned for another post with updated pics and a complete list of mods.

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