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New from Alabama

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Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone. I just ordered a few things and am anxiously awaiting them as we speak! I am a member of a few forums and everybody loves Adam's products so I decided I was tired of being left out. haha. Anyway here is a pic of my current ride.


2011 F150 XLT 4X4 5.0



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:welcome: I have the same blue on my F150. You are gonna luv the way it looks when you use Adams products on it. Enjoy the info here, read and watch the videos and if you have any questions don't think twice about asking questions here.
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thanks for the welcomes everybody. I only thought I had a sickness until I started to look around here. hahaha. I realize now that I barely even have a fever compared to a lot of others I see! I look forward to reading and learning from everybody. Right now my paint is pretty flawless since its only 5 months old. It is my daily vehicle but I try to take the best care of it as possible. Between school and work I am pretty busy but I try to make the time to do everything proper. I want to get a good coat of glaze and americana on there as soon as possible to try to keep that finish locked in. Now Im just waiting on it to get here!


On a side note I do have a question. My gf's Parent's house has a tree that loves to drip some sap(which i park way away from), however, they all park under it. Is there anything to do to remove really old sap (say 8 month old) from the paint? I've never personally had this problem and don't know where to really start.


Thanks in advance!


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yea according to what i've been reading its not fun at all. i personally have never had an issue and plus with as often as eyeball my truck i would remedy the situation immediately. if it was my house i'd cut the tree down! I am going to try to tackle it soon, probably just have to work once section a weekend till i get it done.

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