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Doing a Local car show......... A question



Ok friends, I am doing a car show in my home town that is 1/4 mile from my place. I actually have to drive past and come back to get the choke to kick off:lol: This week I buffed with swirl and haze, buffed with fine machine, buffed with machine wax, and applied a coat of Americana. Do you guys think a wipe down with brilliant glaze at the show would be beneficial or will I blow their eyes out as is?:confused:

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I've recently done the same thing with my truck. Didn't think much could beat Americana over the BG. Washed it yesterday and threw another coat of BG on top of the Americana. Pure sex.


Well that officially convinced me:lol:

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Well guys it rained on our show, so I never got to apply the Brilliant glaze. But I did catch a few shots at the show. Thought I had applied enough wax to scare the rain away. Oh well hope these pictures satisfy the hunger.











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Nice pics Daryle. Sorry you got wet, but that emblem shot of your car looks like it's waiting for a contest!


Thanks Michael, Even with the rain it was a great time. I only live a 1/4 mile from the show. So my clean up time was minimal.

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