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Got home from the gym this morning and it was beautiful out so I pulled the charger under the shady tree and gave her a quick two bucket wash (tires, rims, foam gun, two bucket wash, blow dry, ds wipe down).


Well about an hour or so I go i had to go outside for something and well, my shiny car just caught my eye sitting out there all perty looking. Figured only some fellow shine nuts could appreciate the feeling when ya see your car all clean glistening in the sunshine.


I had to snape some quick pics to share the moment :grouphug:


This is the sight from my doorstep



And some more:











Thats all!!:cheers:

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Looks great Paul. It's finally good to have a run of dry weather in our fair (?) city.


I was about to say amen..but it's pretty gray and cold her today. Whoo hooo..welcome to Rochester!!

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