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What should I buy???


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Since there is the fathers day discount, plus I have a $50 credit, I don't know what to buy. I pretty much have every product Adam sells, minus the cart(no room for it), shirt and new wash mit.


Im well stocked on DS, APC, Gallon refills and MF towels.


I was considering getting the air force master blaster car dryer... but I dont know if I want to spend $250(after discount and credit) for a blower.



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Get creative and come up with a super spectacular entry for the "Detail Something Different" contest and win $250 credit to add to your $50. Then get the Master Blaster! :2thumbs:

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just starting to realize my sidekicks potential and it is awesome for my fullsize pick up. Now this includes some hand drying as well. The master blaster is next for me so if you do get it give me some feedback plz:D

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Sounds like you have a good stock. The dryer isn't bad, maybe some brushes, in and out, carpet cleaner, leather care, oh the list is endless :D

I have all the brushes, interior and exterior. 2 bottles of leather conditioner and gallon refills of CUC, LIC.


The Sidekick is a heck of a blaster as well.


Other than that, maybe Americana? Complete your collection of brushes, pads, towels and applicators?


I have Americana. Im well stocked on MF brushes and applicators.


Im just going to get the blower:D

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