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how to price a job???



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3 ways -


  • Hourly: determine what your time is worth per hour + cost of materials. Going this route is generally more suitable to a situation where someone tells you they want a specific result. Example: "I want it 100% swirl free". Well... it could take a little or a lot to get there, you generally won't know until you start. The only catch with this method is making sure your customer understands that the charges continue as long as you work.
  • Menu: You price your services a la carte and with packages. Each step of the process is broken out into an individual charge and based on what the customer wants/needs, the size of the vehicle, etc. the charges are agreed upon in advance. This allows customers to pick and choose and find a combo that fits what they're willing to pay and also keeps them from paying for services they don't need.
  • Flat Rate: You evaluate the vehicle, discuss what the customer wants, and then quote a price. Probably the most common way to do it. You can charge approximately $250-$300 for quality paint correction, more depending on the cars condition is and if you're doing interior, multi step vs. single step polishing, etc. Careful with this though... if you quote flat and short the time you'll end up not making it worth your while, the car may turn out to be a real nightmare and if you've committed to perfection for the price you could end up spending more time than its worth.


In the end you need to find a way to charge that makes the most sense in a $ per hour calculation. If you think your time is worth $20 an hour, but you go flat rate, make sure the price you charge nets you that $20 p/hour value. How much to charge depends on where you are, your skill level, and a lot of other things so call around and get quotes on your vehicle to see what the going rate in your area is.


Also, if you intend to do this for more than just friends and family do it legit. Get insurance, a business license, and go thru the proper channels.

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When I get asked, I charge a la carte. I find alot of people just want it polished and then waxed.many people don't know what paint correction is. I diet mother in laws solara convertible with fmp bg Americana and dressed the exterior with ios ucs and svrt. I charged her 75 plus a home cooked meal lol covers my time and product used.


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you need to file with your IRS and state for a EFIN business license, get your EFIN tax ID number, then you would contact an insurance broker to get a insurance plan. im in the process of doing that for my shop now after we got all our business paperwork. most like 1/2million dollar coverage plans will be like 1-2k a year or so from what ive heard. then you need to see an accountant to file tax paperwork, get reseller permits ( if you plan to buy any items for customers to sell to them.youll be tax exempt and then youll pay taxes at the end of the year)


theres alot into making a business legal. I didnt have much of a clue when i started but ive learned fairly well. its a good chunk of change right off the bat for filing paperworks, lawyer, accountant . find yourself a good lawyer to write up and file the legals, as well with a accountant.

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