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Pen Stain in Carpet



So this is a question about house carpet, but i figured you guys might have some good suggestions. My girlfriend's puppy was staying at a friends and she decided to eat a blue pen. The pen exploded its contents all over the carpet and herself [her paws and face were all blue haha!]


Well she is headed over to her friend's now to try to clean up the set in stain, any suggestions on how to lift it all out? She is really worried that she won't be able to clean it all up.



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I didn't have a pen explode but did have a pen leak onto our area rug that left a spot the size of a quarter [maybe a tad bigger].


I addressed it with 15mins of the spill. I used the below recommendation from a family member who works in the home furnishings industry --


Rubbing [isopropyl] alcohol blotted [NOT rubbed or poured!] on the spot using a terry towel, cotton [absorbent] cloth or sponge followed by a hair dryer.


I used a quality white terry towel.


It was a creme colored rug with next to no evidence following.


Good luck.

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Easy one here.

Get you some chaep glass cleaner, a terry cloth towel and an iron as for clothing.

Pour, not spray glass cleaner on the spot, put the towel over the spot, pour a little more then put the iron over the wet towel checking it from time to time, don't get on the phone

and forget about it, keep it wet, it will go a way like magic.

Works everytime.

You will see the pen color start to get on the towel, rinse as needed or change out the towel.

Carpet cleaner won't work for this method, has to be GC.

Good Luck!

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