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Lug Nut Brushes on hold Temporarily

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Due to an increase in issues with the Trim & Lug Nut Brush we've temporarily pulled them from the site.


Upon originally adding them to our line we tested them extensively to make sure they met our standards, but the last few shipments have had a failure rate that is beyond what we consider acceptable.


We will keep you guys posted on the situation and once we do a little more investigating.



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Thank you... I sent in my damaged ones and I was given a refund, plus the Team sent me 2 brand new brushes from the "bad batch" (if that's what you want to call them). I wanted to hold off on the brushes until this problem was fixed.


Mook did you package this for me? :lolsmack:

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That sucks to hear!


I have a few still in stock from an order I placed earlier in the year. I haven't had a problem from any customers. I sold one last night and the customer was fiddling with it pretty good. No issue. If anyone needs one, email me.


Dylan, if you need any drop-shipped, holla!




PS: I'm going to Carlisle this weekend and bringing all the brushes. If you want one shipped, get ahold of me before Thurs. or it might be too late. Anyone going to the show should stop in the Adam's tent and pick one up!

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Agree, I've sold a ton, with no issues. Sucks to hear. It happens with every MFG. You learn if they're a good company by how they handle these issues.


Eric...where are you located? I tried to find you a few weeks ago, but Mann Road seemed a little confusing. I am located in North Wales and would love to buy my Adams products from you to cut back on shipping costs.

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I have 4 brushes... all from the original run when we were testing. They've been soaked with full strength APC, left in buckets of water overnight, sat in the sun on a 80* day for hours, been left outside overnight, purposely dropped, stepped on, etc.


All in the name of seeing what the 'breaking point' was... all 4 of the brushes I have, despite some knicks and dings are holding together just fine.


Likely the manufacture has changed something on us... we'll just have to wait and see what they say and proceed from there.

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Update -


So word from the brush maker is they changed the epoxy mixture, but didn't bother to tell us. A fresh shipment of lug brushes is on its way using the original epoxy mixture.


For anyone who recently ordered a brush go ahead and use it and if any problems develop we will happily exchange it for you at that time. There is not a clear cut date when the new mixture started and the old ended so there has been a mixture of both for the last few weeks being shipped out. Mixed shipments were coming from them using existing inventory and new made pieces, plus we were pulling brushes from various shipments to pass on to you.


Either way you have a 110% lifetime warranty on it so if it starts go give you any problems help is just a phone call, email, or livechat away! :thumbsup:

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