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My 2nd Adam's Product Detail



Hello Again!


After practicing on my 2004 Chevy TB, I decided to give my wife’s car a little attention. This car is only a few months old so not really fair to call this a detail. After a few months of snow, salt, rain, mud, etc., I thought all I would need to do was wash & wax.




I did the plastic bag clay test and was horrified at the results. So I decided to go ahead and clay, polish, seal, and then wax. There were only a very few small swirl marks so I decided not to use the SSHR and SHR. Not to mention, I was scared to death of ruining my wife's car!



Here is what I did on this 2nd detail using the PC 7424 XP :pc::


Junkman 2 bucket wash

Claybar using DS

2nd Junkman 2 bucket wash

Complete DS wipedown and dry

White - FMP

Black - MSW 1 coat

Wait 24 hours

Complete DS wipedown

Brilliant Glaze

Americana :drool: - 1 coat






It was difficult to capture on camera just how bright this thing really was!





Here is a shot inside the garage. The Americana gave the color a rich and deep look. This stuff is awesome!





The polish with Adam's FMP, took out all small marks. This is the best looking hood I have ever owned.












So I learned that even a new car can be improved with good products and

a few Junkman videos.


This thing looked so good, I had a few neighbors call 911 and report a UFO in my driveway!:lancer:


Bottom Line - my wife loved the job I did on her car and the products speak for themselves. I'm hooked!

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You dont have to worry about ruining anything as junkman states in his videos the only way to do damage to your paint is to sling the pc by the cord into your vehicle. I was like you though I was afraid at first and only started off with the fmp on my sisters silver maxima. I soon went to my BLACK grand prix as I used my sisters car as test subject to get my technique down and get comfortable and I started off with SHR on my hood and soon my nerves calmed down and started seeing good results. I have yet to do a complete correction on my GP but I anxiously waiting for another good weekend to get started again.

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