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Two Questions



First.... I have a co-worker who let a friend's kids wash her car. Unfortuantely, they used a scotch-brite scrub pad in the process. Of course they're kids, so it wasn't like they were putting a ton of energy into the process, but she has scratches all over her car. I checked them out and it seems none of them are noticeable by "feel." That is, a fingernail won't catch on them. I'm figuring a good PC and SSHR should take care of them. What do you think?


Second...and unrelated...Is there a problem leaving my Americana Wax applicator in the jar just like it was shipped? Leaving the paper seal between applicator and wax of course.


Thanks! :D

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I like to leave my Americana in the fridge. Just chillin. No reason. As long as your applicator is clean, just keep it how it came!


If you cannot feel the scratches, remember to start with the least aggressive step first and go from there. Maybe tape off two sections of the hood and test some spots out to see what you are dealing with.

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...Is there a problem leaving my Americana Wax applicator in the jar just like it was shipped? Leaving the paper seal between applicator and wax of course.


I store my applicators in small baggies (not closed) in my Adam's bag.

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Well...before I get flamed for NO PICTURES - let me say first, that it's really hard to get good pictures from a light gray car. Second....I have no "after" pictures because I was working right up to the wire when I had to get the car back, so it was a mad wipe down of the last panel, in the car and off.


What I learned is this....what I figured would be a four or five hour job was really eight and even then the scratches were not 100% gone. From what I can tell, it will take about an hour per panel to get them completely gone. Something I didn't have time for today. What I did was:

A water down with a pressure washer

Sprayed the front good with WW for the bugs

Used some 3m adhesive remover to get the tar off

Cleaned the wheels, tires and wheel wells

Spayed the car down again

Foamed it


Two bucket wash

Clay bar treatment

Wash again, rinse and dry

Used SSHR to begin with then stepped down to SHR, Machine Polish, then finished the machine part with MSW. Then after buffing everything down I applied a coat of Americana. Wanted to do BG, but didn't have the time for that extra touch.

Dressed tires and mirrors while waiting for MSW to set up and did a little in and out on the front grill area.


I spent a good hour working on one 2x2 foot area to see what it would take to get the scratches out. What a chore! :( I knew then that I would not have time to get the car "perfect" based on those results. So I worked doing what I could, and figured 70-80% good is better than nothing. I was really disappointed. She was pleased, but I explained what I thought it would take to get it 100% - and if she wanted to leave the car with me for a couple days I felt I could get it.


Again no pics - I apologize but thanks for everyones advice. :cheers:

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As indicated in the series of steps, no I didn't wait 12 hours. Didn't have a choice.


If waiting 12 hours is a requirement then how many people doing cars for other people would have that option?


If using it for customers many will not put anything over the MSS, MSS is beautiful all on it's own.


Others will use wax instead of a sealant, like Americana or Buttery Wax.


Or you just tell the customer you need to keep the car overnight when you are using a sealant. That way you can do the wipe down the following day and add a layer over the MSS.

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