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need some urgent advice!



i finally attempted my first detail today.


I will list the steps of what i did in order, please tell me i did everything right:xfingers:


please correct me if something wrong.


car: metallic black 3 series coupe


1. I did a two bucket wash first


2. rinsed car down with water (did not dry)


3. went straight to claybarring the whole car with detail spray.


4. after i finished claying, the car had residue from detail spray all over car.


5. I just rinsed the car down with water, and parked in garage for the night. (there is still sticky residue/spots all over car.





1. 2 bucket wash the car again to remove detail spray


2.? should I dry the car down completely? before beginning to polish?



also is it neccessary to tape down the edges of all panels when using a PC 7424xp? or am I good to go other than taping down the badges, and chrome trim around doors?



please help if you can


thank you

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In regards to taping stuff up, it's not a bad idea but it does take some time. I tired to wax my car with lesser products before finding Adam's and every area where the body part ended and a new one began I got some in the gaps. I still have trace ammounts between my hood scoop and hood, decklid and tailights and a few other places. It will make live easier and make it look much cleaner and not sloppy afterwards (I wasn't happy that my hard work left all of this on my car)

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Yup, another wipe down with DS will remove the dried on DS.


As for the answers to your other questions, you can start polishing right over the fresh residue, but re-read above sentence and previous posts!


No need to tape all of the edges when working with a 7424XP unless you are concerned about getting polish in the gaps. You shouldn't have that much polish on the pad anyway, and you'll get good at staying away from the panel gaps the more you use the PC.


Hope that helps a little...


- Darryl

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