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Bosses Suit Case Falls



Got to the hotel here in Galveston and his suite case with the pull out handle falls OVER and hits the corner of my back left bumper:help: and puts about a foot long scratch or something when it happened and I did not freak out but inside I went Shut the Front DOOOOOOOOOOR! I thought to my self please not let it be a deep long scratch.:xfingers:


I checked into my room and I know my boss was shocked and did not say anything except opps. I went back down to move my car and got it parked and thought what Adams stuff:pc: do I have in my car to maybe fix the mar or scratch. I opened my NRA range gun bag and I have Detail Spray & Water Less Wash and two WW Towels. I ran my finger nail over it and felt no scratch so I hit it with WW and some light rubbing and it was gone.:banana:


I felt a lot better and if you have noticed there was no foul language but only saying kneeling next to my car THANK YOU ADAMS, THANK YOU.:bow::thumbsup:

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My sales manager is cool and he has not been with me for almost 6 years. I guess I am doing good right? I don't need a baby sitter as you can see that I have so many **** miles on my car.. It's all good.

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