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hello everyone

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Well I finally did it. my good buddy pete aka jerseygator took me out to thompson racing to pick up an essential kit. I've been fighting the urge to take a day off from work and spend some quality time with my car. guess everyone knows what i'm doing this long holiday weekend!

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hmmmm.... gonna have to ask pete about losing to a girl in a SUV. funny he never brought that up!!!




I can totally understand why he didn't tell anyone! :)

hahaha well the Adams forum knows about it. Four other members witnessed it. SuperSonic (Patrick), Sandra Dee, Junkman, & Thompson Racing (Eric). That was an awesome time!

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Here you go: http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=191842&postcount=603


It was great to meet you all tonight... :cheers:


AJ, Sandra, Brandi, Eric and Justin...





Or at least it was till I got blown away by a chick in a TBSS... :lolsmack:


All I heard was, "show me what its got!" :burnout:


Next thing I know I'm chasing the rearend of a TBSS. :o

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