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Line-X Of Naples 90% done!

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You must be excited about adding these quality products!


Love the price sign! :)

The DVD will be a nice touch and a way to educate your customers.


IMO, the best setup choices for you are dependent on the type of customer you have and the volume of customers.


Personally I would like to see matching shelving units vs a mismatch. The mismatched look doesn't leave a feeling of a premium product, quality or attention to detail.


What about having a sample of what the Adam's products can do? I think it would be cool to have relatively small part of a car hood, trunk lid or door with uncorrected, swirly, gritty paint on one part; cleaned and clayed in another part; polished/waxed on another part. (Be sure to also have plastic baggies on hand so that people can go out and feel their paint after feeling the smoothness on this sample.) This, in combination with the DVD, would be cool so that people could feel and see the difference in person, not just pics on a DVD. (Might also be a great lead-in to having monthly car clinics to teach people how they can achieve these results.)


You also have choices around grouping or display of products; do you want the products to sell themselves or will a sales person always be doing the selling? If you want customers to browse then maybe group like products together; interior products, car wash products, exterior detailing, polishing, wheels, etc. Then use "shelf talkers", nicely designed/printed 3x5 placards on the shelf describing what the product or product group is great at doing along with one or two recommended complementary products (e.g. - This leather & interior cleaner is great at removing the buildup of oils, grime and makeup from leather, vinyl and plastics. Be sure to get the Adam's applicator and the Leather & Interior conditioner to give your interior an awesome lustre, making your interior look better than new! Also try Adam's detail spray on a double soft towel for a quick dusting between cleanings!)


And if you find that people are too hesitant at the prices initially then push the car clinics and also have the 4oz bottles available as a way they can try things with a smaller initial investment.


Looking good! Excited to see your growth and see you and your name show up as one of the top growing dealers of Adam's products! We need more of this in Florida! :cheers:

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You need to get to Iowa junkman:jester: I will even let you work on my car haha


What if it was another Adams team member?



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