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Washing everything together in a washing machine?



Ultimate Kit...


I just got the kit the other week and it has not been used. The towels have been sitting in the box and I was wondering if I should give them and the applicators a wash before using for the first time.


If so, what can I throw in the washing machine? I was planning on throwing ALL the towels and the two wash pads in together but was worried about fibers from the wash pads getting on everything else.


The applicators I would hand wash but am not sure if I need to wash them at all since they have not been used. My main concern is the one I will use with the Americana wax since I would need to wait a couple days for it to dry.

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I use APC to clean by hand all applicators and pads


Double and single soft washed seperately in washing machine. I dry on low in a dryer, others choose to hand dry. Never any softeners or sheets.


The rest mf towels get washed seperately after soaking overnight. Really dirty ones get pretreated with APC.

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