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Thoughts on first full day w/interior products



I just wrapped up my first real time spent working with Adam's interior products. Knocked out two daily drivers (mine and my wife's). I took some before/after pictures and will try to come back and post them tomorrow.


Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts and comments on the products used today (in order of use)....


Leather & Interior Cleaner:

I used it for general cleaning in both cars. It's ability to lift dirt, scuffs, etc was impressive. Although I'd purchased it for lug nuts and exterior stuff, the boars hair brush helped out a lot on vents, around radios, etc. Two main takeaways, both of which are related. First, it is strong! It did a great job cleaning, but I noticed it wanted to smear and lift the white paint on our A/C knobs! Second, by the time I finished both cars, I'd used up about 1/3 of a bottle. Lesson learned: Dilute this one 50/50 next time.


Carpet & Upholstry Cleaner:

Wow. I didn't have many stains to take care of, but the few small ones in the CRV were lifted with ease. I like this one. One complaint though. When used on the instrument cluster, it leaves a dry, chaulky finish. I know, I know.....don't use it there! (I grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake - USER ERROR!).


Leather Conditioner:

This was my favorite of them all today! I used the red foam applicator to condition all interior surfaces and leather in both the CRV and the Camaro. First, it looked great on the dash, door panels, etc. The applicator made it a breeze to apply on all sorts of areas, and it went on smooth and even. It was great having a 'one shot' product do condition basically everything with. I like that it is a thick lotion. Whether it matters or not, it feels like a thick product will protect the best. I'll probably have to buy another applicator and reserve it for the leather in the Camaro. By the end of the day, the applicator was sort of dirty and I won't trust it on the light leather in the Camaro anymore. Lone complaint: I think the Leather Conditioner gave me a headache! Although it could have been the heat...


All Purpose Cleaner:

Did a GREAT job cleaning the rubber mats in the CRV! Not suprising though, seeing some of the results others have posted. My 4oz sample sure is making itself known.


Glass Cleaner:

Beats me....I'm exhausted!!! :lol:


Tomorrow - The Exteriors!

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Leather & Interior Cleaner:

First, it is strong! It did a great job cleaning, but I noticed it wanted to smear and lift the white paint on our A/C knobs! Lesson learned: Dilute this one 50/50 next time.


I have experienced this on the wiper stalk. Definitely a good idea to use a diluted mixture on painted markings.

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So I just learned another lesson....do a better job of duplicating the before & after shots. Oh well, here are a few I took while cleaning the CRV...















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