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Mercury Rising

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Hi All,


I am fairly new to Adams products and I am quickly getting the hang of the proper techniques by reading these posts and watching the videos. Yesterday I got some new chrome wheels for the car and decided to shine her up today. Nothing special just yet, two bucket wash, foam gun, DS and some VRT for the tires. The next step is to get out some of the imperfections with my :pc:, but unlike many of you I don't have a garage and my property doesn't provide a lot of shade. Anyway here are some of the pics from today's detail session!


Three Bucket Wash :)













Next up hopefully tinted windows next weekend! :xfingers:


RIP MERCURY 1939-2010

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I guess you got the wheel sensor problem figured out? Car looks really good. Like the rims on the car!


Actually the wheel sensors are still not working. I have to wait until a Ford dealership is open to get that sorted out. I went to two different garages yesterday and nobody could "wake up" all of the sensors and override the on board computer! :mad: Thanks for the compliment on the wheels... they turned out nicer than I thought they would... :D

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