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Took care of my Company car this weekend. I've got a 2007 Silver Steel Dodge Magnum: and no, it's not got a Hemi.

A bit of History: I did a paint correction on this vehicle for the first time last fall with a mix of Adam's and other products I had laying around. I hadn't purchased my PC yet so I did the correction with my Rotary. The car came out looking pretty good.

Then last fall someone backed into me and I had to have some paint and body work done to the front bumper cover: this work was taken care of shortly after the accident so the paint has had enough time to cured by now. I had another mishap that was my fault during the winter which resulted in the right front door needing to be re-skined and the right side skirt to be replaced. The repaint on the new door skin was blended into the right fender and right rear door: this work wasn't completed until mid May.

Friday I knocked off work a bit early and gave her a thorough two bucket with grit guard wash, using 2oz of Car Shampoo and the Merino Wash Mitt above the belt line and the Jumbo Wash Mitt below. I also cleaned the wheel wells with APC and my fender brush while the tires and wheel covers were cleaned with APC and GWC using my wheel brush.

Saturday morning I awoke early and thought it's about time to begin a proper paint correction.

I wet sanded the entire front bumper, the re-paint left "a bit to be desired", to say the least. I also took care of two scratches that were deep enough to warrant wet sanding. This all came out very nicely.

I pulled the car into the garage and used my focus pads to address a couple scratches on the hood.

On to the correction:

Clay Bar with DS on the entire car. I scrubbed hard: there was over spray every where. The worst areas were the hood, left rear tail light, rear bumper cover corner and rear quarter on that side, right tail light, top of left fender up at the windshield and in the very front of that fender by the headlight.

3 passes of SSR on a Green pad at speed 5 but bumped to 6 in trouble ares.

3 passes of SHR on an Orange pad at speed 5.

2 passes of FMP on a White pad at speed 5.

Areas I couldn't get to with the PC and large pads I hit by hand with SHR on an Orange Hex-Grip pad and followed that with Revive polish on the Blue Hex-Grip pad.

Since the right side of the car had been re-painted in mid May I figured I'd just tackle the roof, hood, tail gate, front bumper, and A, C, and rear side pillars until the rest of the paint has had time to cure. I'll work the rest of the car slowly over time to reach the right side in mid August (90 days past the painting) then wax the entire car again with Americana.

MSS on a Grey pad with the PC set at speed 3: wipe down 20 minutes after the application and then again 12 hours later using Double Soft microfiber towels.

Glaze applied with the PC set at speed 3 and removed with a Double Soft microfiber towel.

A coat of Buttery Wax was applied with the Yellow Hex-Grip pad and wiped off with a Double Soft microfiber towel.

Glass cleaned with GC and a microfiber glass cloth and Glass Sealant applied to the windshield with a microfiber applicator pad.

SVRT on the tires with the Hex-Grip Pro Tire applicator and IUD sprayed in the fender wells.


Enjoy the pictures:







This roof is one heck of an expanse of sheet metal!








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