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What is this?


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Shipping container for the soon-to-be announced 50,000 gallon Adam's Detail Spray Refill Bottle?




No. All the others are correct in guessing mobile stage. We contracted a guy to make this for us. For 3 years we had a make shift top and roll back drum riser. After a show this past Memorial Day we took it to him with the blue prints we drew up and the stipulation it had to be done in 4 weeks for 4th of July shows. Some 115 man hours later the trailer went from 30ft long and 8 feet wide to 30x16 in show trim. We are rather pleased. My purpose in this exercise was just to see how many people could figure out what it was. We were asked 100s of questions before we got it set up. Then it all began to make sense when they saw it.


This is what the rig looked like when we pulled into the drive to retrieve the stage.





Then in show trim ready for bands at a local event over the holiday weekend.






All of the pics I've posted are from my iPhone, so sorry for the crap quality.

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That's pretty cool.... But, where is the lion? Look's like Adam could put out a big display under that big top. Very nice.


Those last few pics were taken around 7 in the morning. It was still sleeping.:jester:


I'm looking for a picture of the stage we got the inspiration from. We were spending some time in Daytona and Bruce Rossmeyer's HD had a portable stage in the back lot. We got the name of the manufacturer and contacted them about pricing. For a 24 foot stage we were looking at high 5 low 6 figure pricing. We designed our own and had it built for WAY WAY less.

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