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foam cannon presure washer gun?



ok guys so i want to get a foam cannon but my pressure washer is older from harbor freight, got it before i started detailing my car, anyways this one doesnt have a male or female nozzle that can connect so i want to just change the gun, since the pressure washer and hose is good, so does anyone have a brand that is known to fit the foam cannon ? thanks for your time i just dont want to buy a gun then need to buy another 2 adapters to make it work.


again thanks for your time

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You need a female 3/8 inch quick coupler on the free end of the pressure hose (opposite of where it attaches to the pump), then screw a 3/8 inch male coupler on the trigger handles so you can quick-disconnect the foam lance and exchange it for the rinse lance.


If you buy the $47 foam cannon and the $16 trigger handle above, those two connect together with a single 3/8 NPT brass pipe nipple from your hardware store. Use teflon tape.


trigger spray gun handle


quick coupler for your pressure washer hose



quick couple for your foam lance and rinse lance trigger handle (need 2)


foam cannon.


3/8 inch pipe nipple



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