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Rookie question



I am ordering the PC soon and I was looking up what to buy. I got a 2008 G8 and I always just used stuff by hand to wax it. I am taking the plunge and getting the PC, just a few quick questions. I have revive polish now, does that work with the PC?

The car has swirls on it but, nothing to major. Should I still get the Severe Swirl Remover or can I just get by with the Swirl and Haze Remover?


Thanks for the input, sorry if this was already discussed like I stated I am a rook!

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SSR, SHR and FMP for sure... Revive CAN be used with the PC but was designed for hand application.


Taking a flash picture up close with the camera in Macro mode is the best way to really see how bad your paint is.


SHR is probably the most aggressive you'll need, but I'd buy a kit with them all.


Also, I'd make sure to get the 4" focus pads. Makes the job MUCH easier.



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Hey, welcome -- no worries on the questions; we were all rookies at one time. :thumbsup:


Revive is meant for use by hand and won't work very well on a PC -- it will just break down too fast and not be particularly effective.


Now, do you need Severe Swirl & Haze Remover? Probably not, but it's hard to say without really seeing the car. If you have a chance takes some pics of your swirls, and be sure to use a camera with a flash -- swirls can't hide from the light! :cheers:


Unless your car has some real harsh damage you'll probably be fine with SHR followed by FMP and then the wax or glaze of your choice. For a daily driver Americana is a GREAT choice. IT may seem a little expensive at first blush but it REALLY lasts on the car and you'll get a LOT of applications out it -- it goes many times longer than a bottle of MSS or Butter Wax.


Don't be hesitant to ask questions. Jump in, practice, and have fun. :cheers:

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