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Carl gets a bath!

J Tegeler

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Well on saturday I left my car dirty and dusty and worked on the girlfriends car all day. But today when i got home and the heat index got under 100* it was time to give Carl a bath. The car is a 2005 montecarlo and got the name Carl because when i bought the car the O was missing from carlo making it say Carl :lolsmack: The car looks good for the 110,000 miles and daily driving!


-Adams shmpoo

-foam gun with adams shampoo

-jumbo wash pad

-great white drying towel


-WW towel


So here are a few quick cell phone pics I took.











not bad for no wax or glaze done in a few weeks! just some DS

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it has very LARGE panels I found out when using the PC on it lol. one of these days I will get some fresh glaze and wax and treat all the trim and make the car really shine again. would also like to get some window tint on it

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lol glad everyone gets a kick out of the name. for the price I payed it is a great car! the last owners had the paint trashed though..I could get it lokoing a lot better than it does but it is better than 90% of vehicles on the road that i see

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Love that foam gun! Wish you could give mine a bath. I've been too busy giving everyone's car but mine a bath lately... not to mention the fiance's Jeep (Yeah, I'm in the doghouse for that one)


great work!

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