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Complete Newb To Paint Protecting - Waterspots - Help!

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My wife's 2010 Lexus RX350 (Matador Red) has water spots all over it from our yard sprinklers (the car does not go in the garage). I am a car paint protection newb so the paint is not protected. The water spots are not coming off simply by washing. Wife is not happy so I am on a mission.


How do I properly get the water spots off? It's 102 degrees here in Houston, barely a cloud in the sky, and the garage is too full of stuff to get her car in there to do any detailing work. I am not a night-owl either, so doing the detailing at night is not much of an option either.


Need suggestions for product, technique, etc. Please go easy on the razzing, yes I suck at keeping the paint protected. But I'm willing to try to do better - with your help hopefully!


Thanks in advance,



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White vinegar works well to get the big stuff off and then follow up with some Adams clay and revive polish and top it off with either Buttery wax or better yet, APW!


Thanks for the quick reply! This is going to sound really stupid, but here goes - how do I apply the vinegar? Sponge? Spray bottle? Do I have to use any elbow grease or do I simply spray on and rinse off?


Yes, I'm the guy that needs lots of specific instructions. Sorry!

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Good question. How do I tell?


If you've tried everything but a GOOD amount of machine polishing and wet sanding and they're still there then they're etched. Even some light etching can be removed by normal machine polishing.


I however had some of the most severe etching from water spots I've ever come across. I'm currently in the process of wet sanding over 75% of the surface of my vehicle. NOT fun. Don't let the water sit for an extended period of time (weeks/months) and you can avoid the etching.

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