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Tanner's Garden and his Mutant Sunflowers!

Team Adam's

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Those of you on facebook may remember me sharing a cell phone picture of Tanner's garden in our backyard on July 15th. Keeping in mind these were grown from seeds, planted by Tanner himself just about 2 months to the day the picture was taken. As a point of reference the fence is 5ft... on 7/15 they were just about even with the fence:





Well here these monsters are today, August 3rd! The biggest ones flower is so huge it can't even hold itself upright. We've been tracking their growth and they're averaging just short of 1.875" of growth per week! Tanner loves them... its like his little project in the backyard to make sure they're watered daily. They're definitely over my head by a ways now... and I'm 6'2"... we had no idea they'd get this big and so QUICK!!






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