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1 Coat of Americana has lasted me 6 Months!!!



i never really thought that the one coat of APW i put on my truck back in february would have lasted this long! its my ungaraged daily driver, and everytime i wash it, to this day, the water beads up and falls off. only Adam's products touch the paint :thumbsup:... now that i've had it a solid year, its time to get the paint back in the shape it was before the dealer had it!


i was washing my brothers truck and my wife's friends black civic this past weekend and when i did the pre-rinse before foaming, the water just sat there in a pool on top of the hood, trunk, and roof, on both vehicles :willy:


i knew right then and there they had ZERO wax on the paint! before washing, they had some pretty hard water spots from the rain, and were still there after washing. the place my bro bought his truck from just last month said they polished and waxed it... i just caught them in a lie! this was its first wash since he's owned it and i'm starting him off on the right path. my wife's friend said her BF waxed the civic about a year ago, i asked him and he said he used M*g***rs :loser:.


when i get my PC this month, they both volunteered to let me "practice" on their cars, before using it on mine :pc:


sorry, didn't think to take a pic, so i guess this thread is pretty worthless now! :help:


just wanted to vent and show how proud i am to be here, chatting with the best people and using the best products in the business!

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