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Polished Offroad Lights - Sealant?



I have a new set (in the box) of Polished Aluminum Offroad lights and Adam's #1 & #2 Metal Polish.


B/c they are brand new metal with no scratches - do i need #1, or should I go straight to #2? I'd like to "seal" them up to protect against future corrosion, should I used machine super sealant and allow them to cure, or is there something better for raw aluminum??


Also, after it cures, is it better to add another layer of Machine Sealant prior to the other waxes?? (effectively doubling the protection) Or am I way off here??


After the Machine sealant, I was thinking Brilliant Glaze followed by Americana....essentially treating them like a painted surface after the Machine Sealant...or is that incorrect??


My goal is to keep these looking shiny. This is my DD, so unfortunately I have very little time for regular maintenance, so i'm looking for a method that will add some longetivity between detailing these lights.




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