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About a month ago the girl and I moved into a new place. The girl ended up leaving me **INSERT FEW CHOICE WORDS HERE** on Monday.


The good news is, this new place had a garage. The bad news is it was dirty. The better news is....I can turn madness/sadness into productivity.




Look how happy my real girl is in the last picture. :burnout::thumbsup::glasses: In 4 years of ownership, that car has parked outside and lived with all Chicago weather every single day. It's time for it to rest.

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Well I bet this girl will not roll her eyes or give any sarcastic remarks everytime you place another order. Always a bright side!:rockon:


That is a nice big garage man, plenty of room for the car and detailing.


I always just order without saying anything lol..then when an Adam's box arrives she just rolls her eyes and ask what it is this time :lolsmack:

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Congrats on the new space!


Does this mean you're not selling her anymore?? :xfingers:


Thats what I was wondering!



My selling of the GTO is not a "forceful" selling. What I mean by that is, the car works and I'm not desperate for a new car or the money. I absolutely love my car and don't want to part it at all. HOWEVER, if an offer comes along that I can't refuse, I won't say no....


Make more sense?

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