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new front bumper

J Tegeler


Today my montecarlo aka "Carl" got a new front bumper. The origional one was chipped up beyond any repairing. So I bought the new bumper and took it to a local shop to be painted. Well he just delivered the car with the new bumper and it looks good, but has some orange peal to it.


How long would you wait untill I give it a once over with the PC and get it looking good?


forgot to meantion that I had the bumper painted last Friday so the paint has cured for over a week now.

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aww no wax? :( lol I just want to get rid of that awful orange peel look! thanks Bill!



Well you won't be able to do too much for bad orange peel by polishing. That will really take some wet sanding :o



How bad is it ? If it is too bad the shop that painted it should smooth it down for you.

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it is not to bad, look like some SHR with the orange pad should taake care of it. if it doesnt I will take it back to the shop and have them smooth it down



You do know that Nick will want pictures, right :jester:

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