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I swear if a crow had my brains it would fly backwards!


I went out yesterday to a show and shine and took a couple hundred pics. Sounds good so far.


Well before I went out I was experimenting with the camera and changed the white balance around to see the differences. Well, I left it on "bright florecent" light. The show and shine was outdoors in bright sunshine..........:loser:



Not even photoshop with the RAW format pics could save the pictures.:(



lesson learned........ I HOPE!! :jester:

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If you open in in camera RAW you should be able to set the color balance for the RAW file.



Remember what I said about the crow flying backwards with my brains? You can repeat that now.


Completely forgot about in camera RAW processing. I might be able to save most of them.



Thanks Bill!!

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I usually shoot in fine to give me more pics and for most of the pictures it's fine (forgive the pun), but when I'm really wanting a great shot, I'll use RAW.


I read a book that suggested using cloudy when outside and I LOVE it. Try it sometime. I like that it pulls some of the blues out of it and makes it warmer. I only change it when indoors in lower light levels.


Awesome Dodge! That's when Dodge made TRUCKS!



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