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Some Monster Mopar


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Well as bad as the pics turned out with white balance set to florecent lights, I couldn't let these two cars sit on the hard drive!





And the other end of the spectrum. A shiny new Challenger with the 6.1L Hemi and a supercharger.......






Once again, sorry for the lousy pics! So sincerly ****************** about the results......LOL

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THanks Jon, and that is all that PSE9 could do for me.


Thankfully, fellow forum member Wildbill beat me over the head with the obvious and mentioned in camera RAW. I managed to save the pics after an hour of staring at the 3" screen on the camera.....LOL


And here we go!

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The show was in Halifax, NS, Austin.


The local Mopar club laid it on. Thing is, there were a bunch of Cudas etc missing from the show. At least a half dozen prime examples I know of off the top of my head.



The only cars there with Adam's quality paint was the Hurst Challenger and the GTX. Almost all the rest had minor swirling to some extent.

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