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Painted/cleared my Chevy bowties and used Adam's products to polish...


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I initially cut vinyl to fill in the gold bowties which, imo, look bad on most colors. I always wanted to paint/clear the bowties to match the factory colors.


I know, dirty car. I'm machine polishing the whole thing and the dust gets everywhere.




So I removed those, taped it up, and laid down some paint:




Cleared it:




You can see how it needed to be wet sanded with 2000 grit:





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My old hand polishing kit to the rescue!




I went ahead and removed the tape up front first. Excuse the polish residue in the cracks. I'll fish it out with a toothpick once it dries. Not bad for this being the first time I've ever used paint and clear coat, imo.





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Great Job!!! I also agree, the gold is just NASTY! So I did like you and sanded, smoothed and painted mine to match.. but it was a bit plain so I added some vinyl overlays to mine to make them stand out a bit more..




Still beats the gold all day long!

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Wow, Kustom FX, that looks awesome.


It's an '08 black granite metallic Malibu LTZ v6. It's not the flashiest car in the world, but it has good options, a plush interior, and is comfortable to drive.



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