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Don't you just hate it when...



you tell your gf you'll detail her car on your day off, and its beautiful outside...then about halfway through claybaring SAP off for a couple of hours it sets in raining for the rest of the day!!!! Knowing, just knowing, that the wax that your gonna have to put on and the nice shine is about to be obliterated!:willy::willy:


I spent 4 hours working on her 2008 eclipse and that does not include any interior work or any rubber or vinyl or plastic treated on the outside. I told her if she takes it back home and parks back under that tree then I might be a tad upset! haha.... I was able to remove about 95% of the sap today. The glass was harder to work with at first but I sprayed the windshield and back glass with APC and let them soak while I worked on some of the rest of the car and that seems to make it go a little faster. Before I tried the APC I spend a hour and a half on just one half of the back glass.


All in all I'm happy with the results with the exception of not being able to get any good pics since its dark and raining out now. But she is happy and that's what matters.


This weekend, weather permitting, its gonna be some good quality time with my truck!

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