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My rents bought me the Airforce Dryer!!!



Last friday was my birthday, and a few weeks ago when i told my dad about the airforce dryer, and how i was going to buy it he told me i was crazy just do it the old fashioned way...So after months of playing good angel bad angel on my shoulder my dad saved me some money, even though i was bummed. Someone on here was even kind enough to send me reviews and his experience, which made me want it that much more.


Well, after my birthday dinner my dad brought out a box and handed it to me, i wasnt expecting anything big and about dropped it because of the weight. I was so puzzled what it could be because i didnt ask for anything. Sure enough i opened it up and there she was, in all her glory:D i was floored, my rents said they hadnt seen me this excited over a gift since back in my younger years of me getting legos:lolsmack:.


I got to try it out for the first time yesterday and this thing absolutly rocks. the force this thing has is incredible. Playing with all the different attachments the nozzle works best and i honestly cannot wait to dry a car. It takes a bit longer but it sure beats the heck out of chasing drips with the gwdt


for anyone on the fence about buying one, its worth every penny:2thumbs:

Adam's Air Force Master Blaster Car Dryer by MetroVac

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