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Celebrating three years with Adam's!


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I pulled my Cobalt out of the barn today since we are about to start corn harvest and it will resume daily driving duty then over the Vette so I wanted to get it all detailed and shined up just in time to get it dirty. :lolsmack:


While detailing I noticed a date stamped on one of my bottles that was from 2008 and realized that I'd been with using Adam's for a little over three years now. So that got me thinking why? Well of course it's good stuff or I wouldn't use it but there is lots of good stuff out there. It's easier to use then most everything out there so maybe that's it. It's American made which is a must, but really what is it? Well I think it's the people in the company, and the people here. I haven't been posting much lately because I've been so busy but I still read, laugh, and enjoy the info that is here.


So that got me really thinking. This place is great isn't it? We come from all walks of life, rich poor, black, white, red, brown, conservative, liberal, middle of the road, import, domestic, exotic, muscle, and economy. Yet here we are united under our unholy love for stupidly clean and awesome looking cars. Everyone almost always gets along and no one gets real worked up over anything. Isn't that great?


Tonight when the sun starts to set I'll go snap some photos somewhere of my shiny six year old daily driven Cobalt since we all love pics, but I just wanted to make this thread marking my three years as an Adam's addict and hoping for 30+ more!


Happy detailing all.

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It's nice to step back once in a while and really take a good look at things! I too love Adams stuff, and, for the same reasons! This is a great site, I love the products and I love the American made philosophy! Thanks for making me step back and taking a look. Life really is about perspective.



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Silage? Pardon my ignorance, but my farming experience ended 35 years ago when we sold the farm. :willy:


We have about 3000 acres of corn and 1000 of beans. We don't chop any silage as we don't do live stock any more. The old barn on the farm has been gutted and we put a big air plane hanger door on one end so we could fit the combine in. So now the barn just stores a combine and cars. Lol


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