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Newbie from South FL


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A friend from another car forum was telling me how great this forum was and how awesome the Adam's products are, and after seeing how sick looking his SRT Charger looked it really inspired me to get to work on mine. Now I know my Stone white will never look as awesome as his Black will. I have been neglecting mine for the last 4 years, now when I say neglect it does get washed all the time and I am beyond picky about where I park it so it doesn't get dent or scratched, BUT I have never taken the time to clay it or anything. SRTLUVR (Chase) was the one to tell me about this forum, looking forward to learning how to really take care of my baby and get her all cleaned up!!


Added are some pics of my ride......





painted and powdercoated wheels



having a little fun at the track

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WELCOME BRYAN! :welcomebanner:


You'll find lots of great help here. And white cars do "pop" more when they are really well polished and waxed. You WILL see a difference.


Now let see some pictures of that ride! :thumbsup:

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Welcome!!! I'm not a dodge person....but your ride is SWEET!


Where in South Florida? I used to live in WPB and would go to Moroso quite often (back when I was a ricer...LOL)....early 2000's.


That is one sick picture at the track! :)

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