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Hey guys, ive been around learning as much as I could and I thought it was about time to introduce myself. Knowledge is power and this site is chock full, and as a college student it is everything I could want, fun learning though haha. But ill cut to the chase, I am a college student as I said attending Michigan State University, I currently drive a black 08 Jeep GC SRT8, first car with my name on the title so it is my baby and im a proud poppa haha. But the previous owner had denied this car any sense of cleanliness so I had alotta work on my plate. After researching for a while I decided to take on this myself and really learn in the process, I went with the porter cable setup along with SSR, SHR, FMP, MSW and Americana. I spent about 2 weeks on and off working on her paint only cause it was all so severely damaged and I was also working at my job during the process. Through this forum I have learned much already, talking to others and learning from those with experience, the best way to learn for me was being humble. I attached a few pictures of my jeep before and after so you can really see how badly it was taken care of before I nursed it back to health. Thank you for your time and anyones help of future help! : )











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Welcome Josh, yes nice save. I see that you jumped right in with the:pc:. The Jeep is looking good and the Adams polishes and other goodies will keep it that way. My car is new and was not DETAILED by the dealer so I avoided the dealer installed swirls. Did the previous owner use steel wool to wash it? Again nice save.:glasses:

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First off Welcome.


Excellent save Josh! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Since it is a Jeep, I hope those scratches were from off-roading and not washing!


And since you are new, and spent a lot of time correcting the paint, I won't mention that the tires and wheel wells need some love.:D

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haha thanks for the welcome guys! yes those before pictures are horrid, I just couldn't let this car suffer like that so i had to give it some Adams love lol. haha I knew people would comment on the wheels and tires, when i mean the pictures were taken after I mean RIGHT after haha, pulled it out of the garage and snapped pics and had to head back to school for work. I pushed it up to the last second but this car needed all the love I could give it, now that I am finally getting a good amount of Adams products this car is living like it should be. I think the previous guy did wash it with steel wool, thats what it seemed at least, but i have brought her back to life. Thank you for all the kind compliments and welcoming me in, I hope to do much more correcting and detailing and have already had many friends ask me if I could do their cars. Did my moms and sisters when I was in the mood as well haha. Adams FTW on black paint for sure!

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You must live on Abbot. Those apartments look familiar. I'm in Haslett right next door. Are you ready for another Spartan football season? Welcome neighbor.


that would be correct sir, chandlers apartments off abbot. drive by haslett alot and I work in Okemos. Im ready for this season as well, got my student tickets cheap and cant wait to finally be back cheering on the green and white! mustang is sick btw, love to check it out sometime, can't find many people with meets around here. garage queen i'm guessing though? havent seen it around and I'm always on the lookout haha.

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