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Overspray-- OK to leave on for a while? + new PC user ?



To prevent from discussing the fiasco in full that's occured on the car between me and the dealership, I'll just say that all the vertical surfaces on the car were lightly oversprayed. Not enough that it's visable, but enough that I could feel it instantly. I made the mistake of making the dealership re-detail the car. They managed to make the surface smooth again, but it still failed the baggie test horribly, and they were also kind enough to leave micro-scratches all over the car. Obviously this wasen't even close to my level of standards. Up until this point, I've been an OTS meguairs hand user mostly because of the convience, Swirl-x and ultimate compound have failed to remove the scratches. I've been waiting for my stock to run out and find an excuse to buy some adams product, with the CTS-V and this latest event it's finnaly come to that point where I simply need a PC and better product. :pc:



Now to the questions;


I can't correct the car to the level that I want, I only managed the hood with what I have avaliable before I just gave up. So I'm hesitant to do a full clay, and create more micro-scratches that I can't correct. Would leaving the overspray on for a few more weeks lead to any negatives? IE, not being able to remove it? My plan is to get a starter kit, and then practice on the beater that has just about every issue you can have with paint immaginable on a widespread scale. *Then* move to the CTS.


second; just from the descriptions, the severe swirl remover will likely bet exclusively used on the beater, infact I might need to buy two bottles. Specificlly it suffers from a lot of fairly thin but visable scratches(think ~ 5 K miles away from being crushed bad), massive water-spotting and there's something weird going on with the front bumper, I'm guessing it's the clear that's become paper-thin. Is this a high-enough cut for something like this(lots of scratch removal), and maybe even enough for 1-2K grit wet-sanding if I feel adventurous and or crazy?

I'll probally start with the complete PC kit and 4" focus kit. Then just buy up the other acessories as I wean myself off of being able to walk into the store for my automotive pleasures.

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I'll be honest, this is a black diamond tri-coat V, and I tried to take some pictures, however the flake just absorbs all the light when I tried to take pictures, and they're just almost impossible to see in the photos.


this is one of the more visble ones, and if you can't notice, it's in the middle of the image;




here's a good one that I can claim responsibility for, cramped garage + big car=




I'll try to wash the A6 tomorrow and get some info on the scale of work ahead on that car however.


There *was* another question I had that sort of fell-into my wet-sanding one above;


there's a clear coat run on a section of the rear diffuser, (long story that goes with the first post..) does anyone have a suggestion for product-use after wet-sanding runs down?

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