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My Excitement


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Well with all that has been going on in my life FINALLY something fantastic has come about.


My daughter blessed me with a set of twin girls on Friday 8/19. She went into labor on Wed. 8/17 and after 48 hours they finally decided to do a C-Section.


Both babies are fine even though they were born 2 months early. They are breathing on their own and the doctors said that they should both be fine.


babygirl.gif <----Alexis Marie 3lb .5oz


babygirl.gif<----Nina Nicole 3lb. 4oz


So since my father passed away a few weeks ago we have brought new life into the world!!


And I do know that this thread is very useless without pics but I am at work right now and I do not have any with me so I will load a few pics later today.

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