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Storm front a rollin in...


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We have a HUGE storm rolling in, and I was able to get some shots previous to its destruction!


It's raining like MAD right now!


What looks like a mountain range in the distance is the storm. I live in IA folks... We have hills, but NO mountains. lol





Show us YOUR storm pictures!



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I watched that MCS form this morning and get you guys and N. Illinois. We need a rain down here bad. Soybeans are hurting right now and corn definitely won't make what it would have if we could have gotten a rain in the last month. In July we were looking at a record crop, now we are looking at below average probably.

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I'm sure most of you saw footage on TV about the Great Haboob that we had at the beginniing of July here in Phoenix....




These occur during our Monsoon season that run from about June 15 to September 15. The only thing that was really significant about this particular storm was it's size - the cloud was supposedly a mile high and stretched out for 60 miles. No real damage other than a lot of dust and debris to clean up in the aftermath!


We get these five or six times during the season - in fact we had one last Thursday.:glasses:

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Did someone say STORM????? Oh yea....my favorite!



My dad got so mad at me for standing outside trying to get this shot....but then he framed it when I printed it for him!!!


Perry Georgia



Warner Robins, GA







West Palm Beach, Florida





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