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How Many Washes Before I need to re-wax?



So i did a full detail on my truck a couple months ago. used the PC with SSR, SHR, PMP, BG, and Americana. I have been washing my truck at least once a week (sometimes more). I have been going to a place to sparay it off with the pressure washer (dont worry i dont use the brush). My truck has been just getting a little bit dustty and picking up a few bugs so i just spray it off with soap then rinse and try, and my truck comes out nice a clean.


I was just wondering how many times i can really do this before the Americana starts to break down and becomes worthless and i need to wax again?


Because so far it seems to be working great to get my truck clean and thw water beeds up nice. I tryed just wiping it down with my Original California Duster but i noticed that it puts tinny scratches into my black paint, and i have not tried just using WCW

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Too many variables to give a solid number.


The pH level of the soap at the wash bay, the amount of time it sits outside, the miles driven, heat and sun exposure, etc. all play a role.


The only real way to know is to watch the water when you wash. If it beads and the water generally rolls away without much encouragement your wax is still working. If it goes flat, or seems to stick more to the paint the wax is failing/has failed and its time for a fresh coat.

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No problem.


One other thing to keep in mind... from the second you finish application and start driving the truck the wax is being degraded a little bit at a time. So after 3 or 4 washes, if you wanted to add another coat theres no harm.


This is all hypothetical, but figure right after you apply the wax is at 100%.


A week later, its been parked outside in the sun a few times, and washed once... its at 90%.


A week later it was really hot all week and the truck was in the sun a lot... its at 70%.


A week later you wash it again and the water is still beading, but the wax is maybe down to 60%.


If you add another coat after washing you now have a fresh 100% coat over the top of that remaining 60% effectively making it kind of like 1.5 coats of wax.


Obviously you don't want to over-do it and add too many coats over each other b/c eventually there can be an issue with clouding, but if you let the wax break down a fair amount and throw a refresher down occasionally it never has a chance to fully fail.

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i'm going on 6 months with one coat of wax on my daily driver truck. water still beads up and falls off! granted those first 4 months it sat under a carport and was very dry. i moved 2 months ago, no more car port and it is 100% humidity! i think mine is at about 5 to 10% now. before i moved i only had to wash it once a month, just to get the dust off. lately that has dropped to 2 or 3 times per month.



time for a fresh coat soon!!!!

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